‘Down on the Farm’ [Spring] Located in the agriculture area of the fairgrounds, the 2+ hour program consists of hands-on activities for children at eight stations such as scarecrow building, planting & vegetable sorting.

Endorsements from County & State officials:
Douglas Fisher, New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture: “There are a number of activities that children are going to be learning and at the same time having fun. So when you put those two things together it is great fun for kids…At the very earliest level of education this is a great program and I hope it replicates itself across all areas of the state.”
Mary Jane Tanner, Sussex County Office of Education “Your program appears to be well-planned and structured for age appropriate activities.”

Testimonials from local schools:
“It’s truly a teacher and student favorite- Thanks!” Franklin School
“This is a wonderful trip for kindergarten! It is age and developmentally appropriate for this age child.” Montague School
“Thank you for all of your hard work planning and putting this program together. It really was a wonderful day for the children and a great learning experience.” Green Hills School