The AG Bag Program


AG Bags were developed as a way to infuse agriculture into your regular curriculum. They are a free service from the AG Learning Center. They were developed by former teachers with experience in preK-gr. 5. We deliver and pick up, and teachers may use the materials for two weeks.

Bags include hard and softcover books [primarily non-fiction], sample materials and other concept support materials as needed. A notebook is included with various projects/lessons/activities that address science, social studies, language arts, art, etc.

  • Apples
  • Pumpkins
  • Water
  • Plants-Fruits/Vegetables
  • Bees
  • Maple Trees
  • Urban/Rural Communities
  • Growing Christmas Trees
  • Peanuts/George Washington Carver
  • Farming
  • Gardens and Planting
  • Cranberries
  • Trees

Coming Soon!

  • Sheep/Fiber
  • Ecology & Individual Responsibility
  • Berries/Blueberries for Sal
  • Grain/Little Red Hen
  • Where Does Our Food Come From?
  • Corn
  • Peter Rabbit

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FRANKFORD — When schools run out of money for field trips, teachers run out of time for “extras” and the New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show runs out of time for students to visit and learn about agriculture, what happens?
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The purpose of the AG Bag Program is to help educators teach about agriculture through literature.

Each AG Bag contains a non-fiction anchor book, supplementary books [fiction & non-fiction] and a notebook of activities. Additional items such as puppets, stuffed animals, posters, materials for lessons, etc. will be included as appropriate. There is no fee for participating in the Program. Teachers may borrow any number of Bags, one at a time for up to two weeks. The Learning Center staff will deliver/pick up.

The anchor book is meant to be used as a read aloud with students. The notebook contains a variety of activities for several subjects that the educator may choose to use after reading the book. Supplementary books continue the theme of the anchor book. They may be used with small groups or an entire class. Activities for these books are included in the notebook. The use of the book and activities is left to the discretion of the teacher.

AG Bags are available for a primary and an elementary level. Primary AG Bags will also have available to teachers an AG-At-Home Sack. This sack is sent home overnight. It contains an additional book on the theme to be read to the child, and an activity to be done at home with the consumables needed. Teachers may request two of these Sacks which they can send home on a rotational basis. They may be returned after the AG Bag is returned.

Current Bags available are: Water [primary & elementary], Vegetables & Fruits [primary & elementary], Gardening [primary & elementary], Farm [primary]. Fall will debut Sheep, Apples, Pumpkins [all primary] and George Washington Carver [elementary].

To borrow an AG Bag, contact Kathy Cafasso at the Learning Center [ ] 973-948-5500 x259